The diplomats posted in Lisbon established the Diplomatic Golf Association in Portugal (DGA) in 2006. All diplomatic staff in the embassies and diplomatic international organizations in Portugal, as well as their family members, are welcome to join us.

The DGA has presently around 50 members from embassies and international organizations, as well as some honorary consuls.

Membership is free, and DGA members are also members for free of Montado Golf Club, situated 35 km South of Lisbon, courtesy of the owner of this dub, Mr Jose Lisboa, honorary president of the DGA.

There are a number of good golf courses around, and they are open for play all year. All of them accept diplomats as members. Most of them also have professionals who give golfing lessons to novices and more experienced golfers, members or not. Presently there are DGA members taking lessons at Estoril and Beloura (both about 25 min from central Lisbon) and at Montado (35 min out), probably also at other courses.

The DGA organizes three to four to tournaments a year, some at Montado, some further away.



What people say about us

It is very exciting to see that the Diplomatic Golf Association is still going strong. Archie Urbano and I often speak of the camaraderie and great friends we established while living in Portugal. The DGA was one of the activities that made our stay so enchanting. I'd like to thank all of you again for the wonderful relationships and awesome tournaments. A special thanks to Mr. Lisboa, your hospitality and generosity will never be forgotten.

Andre ThomasUnited States Embassy, Lisbon Portugal

I come back to golf thanks to the DGA. It was a lot of fun thanks to the big patience of everybody at the DGA. Even today, after my retirement, I take any possibility to come back to Portugal and to play with the old and new DGA friends from all over the world. I feel it is a great privilege to have the possibility to continue being a DGA member even after the active diplomatic service.

Emilio MartínMaritime Counsellor at the European Union Agency

What is really interesting at the DGA is not only golf as such, but the social contacts and the so many amazing different activities, as visits to different places all around this wonderful country which is Portugal. I was a DGA member during my four years in Portugal. I really recommend all the diplomatic colleagues, independently of their golf level, to join its ranks! I wish a lot of success to the DGA!

Samuli LikonenFormer Commercial Counsellor at the Embassy of Finland