The Diplomatic Golf Association was established in 2006 following the initiative of the Ambassador Hara Satoshi, Ambassador of Japan to Portugal, who kindly addressed some of the golf players among the diplomatic community in Lisbon to organize a regular framework allowing them to meet and play golf together, organizing several golf tournaments per year as well as social functions linked with golf. Equally important, thanks to the input of Mr José Lisboa, Honorary Consul of Malta in the Algarve, the DGA activities were enlarged to different regions in the country, ensuring at the same time the participation of different Portuguese golf players representing social, cultural and economic sectors.

Elected in 2008, the second DGA President was Mr Rudolf Schaller, Ambassador of Switzerland to Portugal who, accompanied by his wife Ambassadress Almy Schaller, organized an impressive number of golf and social activities. The DGA was very active during this period, and its members played tournaments in Montado, The Algarve, Porto and the Estoril Coast. The DGA was also very active in organizing social events and was able to identify several sponsors, as Nevada Bob, Tivoli Hotels and El Corte Inglés.

During his mandate, Ambassador Schaller was helped by Mr Samuli Seilonen, Economic Counsellor of the Embassy of Finland, as DGA Secretary General.

Elected in 2012, the third DGA President was Mr Ove Thorsheim, Ambassador of Norway to Portugal, who was helped by Ambassadress Anne Thorsheim as DGA  Secretary General. During this period, the DGA organized an impressive number of golf tournaments and established deep cooperation with a number of sponsors, as Bacalhõs Wines (Alianca), Pestana Hotels and Golf Resorts or Norwegian Seafood Council (“Norge”).

Since 2015 , the current DGA President is Mr Salvador Correa de Sá, Honorary Consul of Malta in Lisbon, helped as Secretary General by Ignacio Vázquez Moliní, Diplomatic Counsellor of the European Union Agency for Drugs.


Relations between DGA and Montado


It was just a few years after its establishment that the Diplomatic Golf Association (DGA) adopted the decision to consider Montado Hotel and Golf Resort as its Home Club. This was possible thanks to the kind cooperation of Mr José Lisboa, Honorary Consul of Malta in The Algarve and Honorary President of the DGA.

Montado as the DGA Home Club offers a large number of services to all DGA members, as the inscription at the Portuguese Golf Federation, on-site payment of its fees and insurance or updating player’s handicaps.

A formal Memorandum of Understanding between Montado and the DGA was signed on 4 March, 2017. This document identifies the reciprocal rights and obligations of each party and provides the basis for many joint activities to be developed in the future.

Ignácio Vazquez

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